The One Trick That Will Make Writing Cover Letters Super Easy

The One Trick That Will Make Writing Cover Letters Super Easy

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When pondering how to write a cover letter, many candidates get frustrated. Where do you start? What do you talk about? Where do you find this "wow" element to blow the hiring manager away?

The truth is that the job market is saturated with highly-qualified professionals all of whom have a lot to contribute and a lot to learn. This is why it's so hard to boil down years of experience to one simple cover letter page.

Don't worry though. There is one trick that will make writing a cover letter super easy and we're about to give away the secret.

in this guide we'll teach you:

  • How to write a cover letter - the one approach that will make you life easy
  • Why this method works and where candidates make mistakes

Before we jump into it and create the best cover letter the hiring manager will see, let's have one last look at your resume and make sure it's perfectly formatted.

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The Secret to Writing an Amazing Cover Letter

The so called "secret" to writing cover letters is simple and in fact lies in the whole premise of this document. Why do we write cover letters? The answer is to tell the recruiter why we're the best person to help the business succeed.

This is exactly what successful candidates focus on. Your cover letter should not be about how the company can help make you rich and successful but quite the opposite.

In order to focus your cover letter on the business, you have to:

  • mention the company values and show how they align with yours
  • show that you understand the company's goals
  • explain how you can help the company achieve these goals
  • demonstrate that you're following current events associated with the business

Let's have a look at each of these points and how you can integrate them in your cover letter.

1. Talk about the company values

Finding out what the company stands for is crucial. Are they committed to providing the best customer care on the market? Do they try to innovate constantly and refine their product?

You can easily find out what these values are by visiting the company site or LinkedIn page.

How do you mention that you believe in the company values? Try this:


Just like (Company Name), I believe in putting the customer first. Excellent service and a high degree of empathy helps create a loyal customer base. Having worked as a Customer Service Agent for the past 3 years at (Company Name), I live and breathe communication and don't consider a job done until the customer is 100% happy with us.

Tying together your experience with the company values is a powerful way to show that you're the perfect fit for the job.

2. Show that you understand the company goals

Every employer wants to hire like-minded people who understand what the business is trying to achieve.

What good is it to hire a salesperson who doesn't understand the product or a great engineer who doesn't agree with the function of the product the company is creating?

Find out what the company is trying to achieve. This information will be once again on the company site or on any company profile you can find in magazines or online.

Then, align yourself with this goal by saying:


My objective, just like yours, is to provide the best (product/ service) to clients and (hit target) by (time period).

This will not only show that you've done your research, but that you are genuinely interested in being of help and aren't applying just to make some money.

3. Explain how you can be of help

Once you've understood the company goal and have explained why you agree with that objective, it's time to how how your experience will help the business hit that goal.


Thanks to my 5 years of experience in sales and online marketing, I can help open up the Millennial market and get your (product) in front of a large audience that will certainly benefit from it.

Make sure to have the skills you mention clearly outlined on your resume.

4. Demonstrate that you're following current events

Nothing shows an interest more than knowing what the company is up to at all times. Follow the company blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates on what they are working on. Then mention it on your cover letter:


Your recent efforts in (current event) resonated with me deeply. I was impressed by...

It can be a short and simple line. The goal here is to show that you care enough to follow company news.


When writing cover letters, candidates make the mistake of talking only about what they can gain from the company. While understandable, this is not a good selling point.

Hiring managers want motivated and dedicated people who understand the goal of the business, follow current news and are qualified to help the company reach that goal.

Once you include all 5 points listed above, you'll be able to relate better to the company and increase your chances of landing the job.

Before you get to applying, make sure your resume looks amazing.

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