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6 Things You Don't Realize Are Wrong with your Cover Letter
33 votes

Preparing job applications is tough. You double and triple check for spelling, pour all of your creative energy on the page and everything looks gr...

How and Why to Tailor a Cover Letter
30 votes

Table of Contents Why you should tailor your cover letter How to tailor a cover letter Remove Block In a perfect world, we could write on...

13 Best Practices for Writing a Cover Letter
31 votes

Writing a cover letter is no easy task. If a hiring manager sees two equally great resumes, it would be the cover letter that ultimately determines...

10 Secrets to Writing a Killer Cover Letter
30 votes

Writing a cover letter in today's competitive world has become an art form. While there are the established rules of keeping content tight and focu...

The Cover Letter Template that Will Get You Hired
19 votes

Table of Contents Key components of a great cover letter template A cover letter template example Remove Block Writing a cover letter isn...

8 Ways Your Cover Letter Lost You the Job (Examples)
32 votes

Cover letters are a double-edged sword. The best cover letter can wow the recruiter and land you the job. If you mess up, however, the cover letter...

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