How To Write An Email Cover Letter

How To Write An Email Cover Letter

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What comes to mind when you hear "cover letter?" Are you thinking of a perfectly polished one-page document that goes in between your perfectly polished resume and contact details? While many cover letters do come in paper format, the future is digital and applications have become more and more casual which is why you may be asked to submit an email cover letter.

"What is an email cover letter and how is it different from the regular version," you ask. The truth is that there isn't any difference when it comes to content and composition. The main difference is the method of delivery.

in this guide we'll teach you:

  • How to format your email cover letter
  • Additional tips

Before we dive into it, make sure that your resume is up to date. Head over to our resume builder for expert help.

How to Format an Email Cover Letter

So, the hiring manager asked you to email a quick cover letter? Always stick to the one-page rule: a cover letter should be as short and as clear as possible.

The hiring manager won't read two or more pages stapled together and they surely won't read an extra long email either.

  • Keep your email cover letter down to a page. 500-600 words is optimal.

Secondly, make sure that you've got no grammar or spelling mistakes. That's a rookie move.

  • Double and triple check your writing.
  • Use Grammarly or write your cover letter on a Microsoft Word/ Google Doc page first to check for spelling.

Format properly.

  • Use consistent alignment - to the left.
  • Don't put too much space between paragraphs - one line is enough.
  • Make sure to indent each paragraph.

Have a clear subject line.

  • Your subject line should read "FirstName LastName, Position Application"

Address the hiring manager properly.

  • Begin your email cover letter with "Dear Hiring Manager" or "Dear LastName" if you know who you're talking to.

Stick to the basic principles when it comes to content.

  • Include only relevant information regarding your experience.
  • Refer to your resume but do not repeat it.
  • Tell an engaging story.
  • Share your vision about the position.
  • Conclude by reiterating your interest.

If you'd like some more expert tips on cover letter content, check out 10 Elements to Include in a Cover Letter.

Include relevant keywords.

  • Scan the job ad for keywords and include as many as appropriate on your cover letter.

Check everything twice and make sure you're not missing anything or attaching too much information.

  • Hiring managers are busy. Only include what they ask and refrain from attaching irrelevant files or repeating information.


Email cover letters are not that different from the standard version. Make sure you format properly, address the hiring manager correctly, and keep your content tight and clear. Use the subject line to your advantage and refrain from adding irrelevant or superfluous information.

Finally, have one last look at your resume and get to applying! For expert help, head over to our resume builder.

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