The Cover Letter Template that Will Get You Hired

The Cover Letter Template that Will Get You Hired

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June 19, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Key components of a great cover letter template
  2. A cover letter template example

Writing a cover letter isn't easy. While the resume is a formal document that doesn't leave much room for creativity, the point of the cover letter is to wow the recruiter and convince them that you're the perfect candidate for the job. If this seems like a hard task, that's because it is, but don't worry - we're here to give you the cover letter template that will get you hired.

in this guide we'll teach you:

  • The process of writing a cover letter step-by-step
  • Key strategies for a successful cover letter

Before we get into the secrets of writing a killer cover letter, make sure that your resume is completed with all the necessary information and formatted well.

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The Cover Letter Template that Gets You the Job


Cover letters are all about being persuasive, descriptive, and to the point. The best cover letter is that which shows your relevant skills. tells a story, and is no longer than one page.

The main components of the cover letter are:

  • An opening
  • A story showing your relevant skills
  • An explanation of your motivation for wanting the job
  • A strong conclusion
  • A quick closing

Let's have a look at each of these elements.

The Opening

The opening of your cover letter should be targeted directly to the person you're speaking to. Ideally, you'd know who the hiring manager is and address them by name.

If not, use "Dear Hiring Manager," but never, EVER say: "To Whom it may concern." It's simply too impersonal and shows a lack of preparation.

For more tips on how to find out who the hiring manager is and how to open the cover letter, check out 5 Key Rules of Addressing a Cover Letter [Examples].

A story showing your relevant skills

The "show and not tell" method is crucial in a good cover letter template. The recruiter always looks at the resume first.

Once they've determined that you have the necessary skills, they'd want to see why you want the job. Instead of boring the recruiter to death with more facts, tell a story.

For example, don't say:


"I'm really good at customer service."

Use a story that conveys this message instead, such as:


"During my time as a Personal Banker at Bank X, I helped turn around an important customer who was really unhappy with the service. Her account had been compromised and I managed to calm her down and guide her through every step of the way while we resolved the case.

She ended up getting all of their $50,000 that had been stolen, and remained one of our most loyal customers."

The story is much more interesting to read and will catch the hiring manager's attention because it shows how the candidate puts their skills to work in real life.

An explanation of why you want the job

It's important to show motivation and state the reasons for wanting the job. Don't just say:


"I think this would be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow."

This is a generic statement and shows no personality. Instead say:


"Hotel X stands for treating all guests as family, and doing whatever it takes in order to make them feel comfortable.

Your values closely align with my own. Over the past 6 years of my career as a concierge for a boutique hotel, I've learned how to identify what makes each guest happy, create personal connections, and resolve any and all issues quickly and with empathy.

This is why I'd be happy to join your team and continue to provide the high-quality care and attention to guests that Hotel X is known for."

The second example goes as far as talking about values which firstly, means that the candidate is well-aware of the hotel's mission.

Secondly, it explains why the candidate would be happy to be a part of the hotel and which aspects of the job they enjoy in particular. This is the type of explanation that gets you the job.

A strong conclusion

The best cover letter template has a short and direct conclusion. There's no need to repeat everything you already said in terms of why you want the job and how you're qualified.

Finish your letter in a straightforward way. You can say:

"I look forward to bringing the Hotel X experience to your guests with care and understanding, and being an ambassador for the unique form of hospitality you stand for. and hope to have the opportunity to speak to you regarding joining the family/ team."

Touching on the values of the company in the conclusion is always a good idea, as is making it clear that you want to help the company improve as opposed to applying only for the money or benefits of the job.

A quick closing

The closing is very simple - you can finish your cover letter by saying:


(your name)."

You don't need to mention your email address or phone number because this information is already on your application file.

A Cover Letter Template Example


Now let's put all of the above to practice. Fill in the missing information with your own experiences and skills.

Sticking to this cover letter template will help you show the hiring manager that you've got the necessary skills and passion for the position.


Make sure you've got a good opening, show that you've done research on the values and mission of the company, and tell relevant stories about your accomplishments.


The perfect cover letter template conveys your skills and relevant qualifications in a straightforward way and in a single page.

Follow our template and you'll get it right. Make sure to revise your resume as it is the first thing recruiters look at long before reading your cover letter.

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